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Pleasant pizza

30 Jun

It’s Tuesday. We didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend. I knew riding the train from work it’d be a make-shift-kind-of-meal.

Going through the fridge I spotted some Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, pizza dough from TJ, arugula, gruyere and parmesan cheese and a yellow onion. I also had some left over basil I cut from the garden last night.Arugula and Gruyere pizza

I can work with this.

It ended up being delightful; incredibly easy and really great flavors. I added the arugula at the very end so it would get too wilted and I got the timing spot on. The bitterness from the arugula with the sweet of the basil and tomato sauce and then the savory salty addition from the gruyere was a great combination.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough arugula left over for a salad, but hey, it was basically a salad on the pizza.