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Saturday Night in the Kitchen

6 Sep

Since having our son in March, my husband and I have had a chance to go out on a  decent amount of dinner dates (perks of living in the same city as my parents) but it dawned on me this past Saturday afternoon that I hadn’t done what I love to do as often: cook an amazing meal at home.

While suffering through Eat Pray Love (sorry, Julia), I plotted through our Saturday night feast at home. After much back and forth, I decided to make an Italian dinner. So, with those main objectives in mind, I decided to do a truffle-infused mushroom and pea rigatoni with an heirloom tomato salad and a cheese plate dessert. And of course wine was on the menu (but when isn’t it?).

In exchange for the meal I was set to prepare, I asked my husband, an amazing photographer, to do a simple task and document the preparation, execution, and consumption of the meal. Below are his photos of our wonderful Saturday evening.

The fixings

The makings for our feast.


The sips and bubbles to accompany our eats


Gruet is an amazing sparkling wine from New Mexico. Pop!

The Pour

First things first, let's get those flutes filled, shall we?

Sauteeing the mushrooms

Sauteeing the mushrooms

Fig spread, basil and heirloom tomatoes

Fig spread, basil and heirloom tomatoes


With all the delicious cooking, lest us not forget the bubbly

Stove top

Lots going on...


Basil prep

Tomato slicing

Slices for the tomato salad


Getting ready to serve

Our kitchen

This is our kitchen in a nutshell


Final touches...

Dinner is served

Eat. Drink.


Truffle infused mushroom, pea rigatoni


Perfect way to spend an evening

The meal

The meal

Plated and ready to eat

Eat now


Cheese course: Manchego, drunken goat and tripple cream Brie


Post-feast Scrabble game (I won)...

Thank you to my darling husband, Ian Merritt, for documenting this wonderful evening. It felt good to be back in the kitchen.

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