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Prep: 4th of July BBQ

4 Jul

It’s drizzling today (which should come as no surprise given the weather this summer) and it feels like I’m standing smack in the middle of the produce section with the misters on. But- I won’t let this weather interfere with our 4th of July BBQ plans.

In past years we’ve gone all out for 4th parties; this year is going to be pretty low-key. About 10 or so friends are coming over for a pot-luck style evening; we’re providing the basics (chips and dip, burgers, sausages and dogs, pasta salad and dessert) and they’ll bring more sides and starters.

Just because it’s a low-key event this year, it doesn’t mean everything need naught be delicious. Instead of conventional pasta salad, I’m going to make a Greek yogurt and walnut pesto, giving it a unique and satisfying flavor. The pie will be peach and blueberry with a lemon and truffle butter finish.

More images, insights and stories to come as the prep for our BBQ  gets underway, but in the mean time, I’m just trying to will the rain clouds to take a hike.