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A perfect Chicago BBQ dinner

30 Jun

It’s summer in Chicago and anyone who has endured a Chicago winter knows it’s time to get outside anphoto(2)d enjoy the weather while we can. A staple summer activity in this fair city revolves around charcoal, fire and encased meats. Yes. Grilling. Whether you’re BBQ’ing burgers, dogs, veggies or fruit, there is nothing better than eating freshly grilled food and sitting outside to enjoy it.

We recently build a table to accompany our large deck. We can now comfortably seat at least eight (up to  12) around the new table. For our first meal on the table was delicious:

Chicken sausage with a chipotle and roasted red pepper aoili with fresh (from the garden) cilantro and an arugula, endive, pear and walnut salad with turkey bacon, maple caramelized onions with a maple and Dijon vinaigrette.

It was a perfectly simple yet elegant and delicious meal to officially kick off our summer of great eats and good times on the deck!



30 Jun

basilIt seems fitting that during a summer of firsts, I should start my *first* blog post about an herb I’m growing in my *first* garden.  Call it a bandwagon, call it the recession, but there is something within me this year that said: it’s time to start growing food. So I am. Little by little. We’ve got basil, cilantro, chives and rosemary.

Anyway, basil. It’s a wonderful feeling getting home from work, watering the garden and picking the basil I will use to make pesto and incorporate for dinner. It’s happening a lot and I really love it. I’m already excited for next year to expand to tomatoes, lettuce and other delights.

Okay- I wasn’t really planning on starting a blog tonight, and I promise to have more enjoyable entries to come, but here’s to firsts and here’s to new endeavors!