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On your mark…Get set…Eat!

10 May

On your mark, get set…plant!

It’s that time of year again; leaves are bursting, green is abundant and the vegetable garden is salivating for some delicious new ventures. I’ll admit, last year I was in better shape with our veggies and herbs than this year, but having a newborn is a worthy excuse. Having a newborn is also a major point of motivation to expand our garden ventures from years past so I can feed little Teddy treats straight from the soil. As his taste-buds develop I want to instill at a young age how important natural veggies and fruits are. Sadly, due to a funky fungus on our peach tree, I’m concerned we may not get as bountiful a crop as I had hoped, but we’ll see.

It’s good to be back at this site and documenting my culinary and foodie adventures again. While I was pregnant my tastes were so limited, I would have bored readers with their lackluster details (“She’s having spaghetti and marinara again?!”). Now that Teddy is here (and has been for seven weeks today) we’re committed to getting out, trying new and revisiting favorite restaurants and of course, raising a new foodie!