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Aviary is open

25 Apr

Aviary, the cocktail brainchild of Grant Achatz, opened this past Saturday. As with everything chef Achatz does, he is reinventing the cocktail as we know it.

The menu for Aviary is as follows:


Cranberry, passion fruit, orange, rums – $17
Popcorn, butter, crème fraiche, rum – $15
Coffee, ristretto, milk, rum – $15
Pineapple, mint, sanbitter, chartreuse – $16
Hot Chocolate, Ecuadorian chocolate, fernet, tequila – $15
Ginger, peychaud’s, shiso, fingerlime, – vodka $17
Daiquiri, sugar cane, lime, rum – $12
Banana, lemon, mint, new make – $16
Tiki, macadamia, cinnamon, batavia – $17
Blueberry, verjus, sweet vermouth, rye – $19
Martinez maraschino, sweet vermouth, gin, – $14
Lemon, carbonated, gin – $16
Sazerac, demerara, peychaud’s, rye – $14
El Diablo, creme de cassis, ginger beer, tequila – $15
In the Rocks, demerara, angostura, bourbon – $18
Sassafras, vanilla, anise, kirsch – $18
Rooibos, verbena, almond, vanilla, gin – $18
Sidecar, cointreau, lemon, brandy – $14
Scots Pine, yuzu, elderflower, tequila – $17
Truffle, campari, sweet vermouth, gin – $28
Martini, aged, vermouth, gin – $18


Cantaloupe, prosciutto, basil, champagne – $3
Lobster, cracker, comte, grape – $5
Chowder, croquette, clam, spicy corn pudding – $3
Crab, tempura, tomato, pickle – $4
Pork Belly, coconut, curry, iceberg – $4
Potato, custard, malt vinegar chips, chive – $3
Wagyu, smoked paprika, pumpkin seed, yogurt – $6
Foie Gras, rhubarb, pumpernickel, lavender – $5
Cheesecake, strawberry, balsamic, graham cracker – $3
Brioche, chocolate, smoked salt, vanilla – $4


How was Grant Achatz’s Next?

7 Apr

Well, from its Facebook page, despite major email/tech snafus, Next had a great first seating.  With 60 diners on its opening night on Wednesday, and rave reviews, looks like they’re off to a great start. Chef Grant Achatz is truly Chicago’s glory epicurean god, but he’s earned those laurels and we’re thrilled to see the success he’s achieved.

Tonight a friend of The Chicago Foodie, the lovely, Ellen Malloy, is heading to Next. Eager to hear her report of it.

As for everyone still waiting for their tickets/reservations, hang in there. I’ll probably make it to the 900 block of West Fulton Market in about 2014 at this rate. Or, if you’ve got money to spare, tickets are already being sold on Craigslist. A bit tacky, but whatever gets you in the door I guess.

We’d love to hear from people as they experience Next. Is it worth the hype? Better than Alinea? Thoughts, improvements, gripes? Let us know!