About The Chicago Foodie

Catherine Merritt

Catherine Merritt, the Chicago Foodie

“Hi. My name is Catherine Merritt and I love food.”

I want to not only eat food, drink wine, cook meals, sip from flutes, I want to talk about it (I work in communications and my first words, at the ripe age of nine-months, were “hi, there!”).

Join me as I share my culinary and beverage experiences. Whether it’s making a truffle butter peach pie (yep, I made that) or a review of a resto, give you all the details, the bad and the good, the over cooked and the barely glazed.

In my previous career, I did marketing and public relations for a pretty amazing restaurant group. Now I do those services for other people, but I assure you that the thoughts here are mine and mine alone.

Please feel free to shoot me an email, comment on a post, take part in the conversation. Like I said, I like to communicate.

Cheers. Bon appetit. Enjoy.


One Response to “About The Chicago Foodie”

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