A new approach to week night meals

18 Sep

I’m not going to lie. Having two kids, a full time job and a husband who travels a ton, doesn’t make for very inspired week night meals. But, I’m going to work on changing that. Specifically, I’m going to work on trying to give my approach to meal time a re-fresh. After all, the two said kids are not very picky eaters, so why don’t I embrace that and leverage meal time as a chance to get us around the table and enjoy one, made-with-love meal?

First up, I’m going to organize. Plan three meals a week, that could very well spill into leftovers. Make a list. Plot out the recipes. Wash and chop ingredients before I put them into the fridge from the grocery store.

It’s also the perfect time of year to pull out the slow cooker. And one of my favorite cooking tools are slow cooker liners (made by Reynolds, which is a client of mine, but I genuinely love and use their products all the time).

You know that saying that if you put something out there in the universe it helps make it happen? Well, what about blog posts?

Here’s hoping…


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