Splendid Savannah

2 Apr

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag: we’re having another baby due in September! It’s been a rough first trimester, but now that I’m four months into the pregnancy, I’ve finally got my appetite back, and just in time for our trip to Savannah, Ga.

We were going for our friends’ wedding and my awesome in-laws stayed at our house to watch Teddy. Since it will only get harder and harder for me and Ian to find time alone together, we were really excited for the trip.

We flew into Charleston and drove the lovely two hour ride to Savannah. When we arrived in town, I was immediately struck with how much it resembled exactly how I’d imagined it. Beautiful old plantation and colonial architecture, two-hundred-year-old monuments dating back to the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and the gorgeous tree-lined streets, squares and parks, all draped with Spanish moss. In a word, it was perfect.

The hotel we were staying at was equally lovely. The Mansion on Forsyth was an old, you guessed it, mansion converted into one of the more eclectic and artistic boutique hotels I’ve stayed at. The room was huge and comfortable, with a great view of Forsyth Park just across the street. Located in the heart of the Historic District, we were in prime real estate to walk around the city and explore the ancient nooks and crannies.

After unpacking and getting our bearings, we made our way to the River-way and downtown district. This houses much of the shopping, restaurants and river-view attractions in Savannah. After a long day of travel, the first item on our agenda was to eat. Going back to the earlier news I broke, I have to say that being pregnant in the south has some SERIOUS advantages. I didn’t hold back!
We found Vics on the River, which was a lovely spot overlooking the river and river walkway. It was a little later in the afternoon, so there was no wait and we were seated in a great spot by a large window and a great view. On the wall next to us there was also an old map drawn in 1844/45 by Sherman’s troops while they were hunkered down in the same building following their march from Chatanooga. The history throughout this city is everywhere.

Back to the food- we ordered up some fried green tomatoes to start. They were amazing. The tomatoes were firm but flavorful and the batter on them was a perfect compliment. The chutney and goat cheese that accompanied them provided further depth in flavor. All in all, they were delicious. For lunch I had the fried shrimp po boy and this was also quite good. There could have been a bit more sauce as it got dry towards the end, but that was a minor issue. I also sipped on some of the best sweet tea I’ve had and it was a nice relief to the already hot afternoon.

On our second day in town, we visited the Olde Pink House after getting numerous recommendations to try it out. Since we had other meals in conjunction with the wedding, lunch-time was our chance to go off for our own for meals and I’m so happy we made this a priority stop.

We arrived right before the rain fell and I have to say that sitting by the window, as it started to come down it added a nice touch to the ambiance. I felt like I was walking into a parlor from the early twentieth century for a tea or lunch party. It was beautifully decorated in a way the preserved the buildings old roots and architecture.

To start, I had the gazpacho which was perfect. Probably the best serving of gazpacho I’ve ever had. Just enough of a bite and kick to give it a punch of flavor while simultaneously proving to be incredibly refreshing.

For lunch I had the crab cake and I am confident it was made up 98% of crab meat. No filler in this cake. It was served with two fried green tomatoes which were a great accompaniment to the rich crab. It also came with a refreshing side salad that was served with homemade ranch dressing. Delicious. And for dessert (I’ve already told you that I didn’t hold back on this trip!) we got a pecan praline crust key lime pie. It was a slice of heaven. The lunch proved to be just long enough to get us through the rain and by the time the wedding started, the sun was making its way through the clouds.

The wedding itself was beautiful. The ceremony took place in Monterey Square and the reception was in our hotel. There were so many lovely touches from the creative bride that really put their stamp on the whole day. I can’t think of many things better than bearing witness to two people who are absolutely in love with each other getting married. We were  so happy to have been able to take part in their very special day!

All in all, we had a wonderful, delicious trip. I only wish we had one more day to do more exploring, but knowing how easy it is to fly in, I have no doubt we’ll be back to Savannah again.


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