Zagat Chicago Blog Hop: My Best Night Out

19 Dec

Photo from: Daily Gossip

As a restaurant lover who doesn’t always have a ton of time to get out to eat these days, when we go out, I want it to be good. I am a huge fan of Zagat and was thrilled when I received an exciting email from them. In honor of the 2012 Chicago Restaurants and Nightlife Survey, Zagat reached out to me to write a post about a special night out in Chicago. I’m excited to be part of the first ever Zagat Chicago Blog Hop.
Zagat asked me to share with you one of my fondest eating and drinking experiences in Chicago. Well, that’s easy. And then I started to think about it, and actually, it’s hard since there are so many of them. But one rises to the top that I’m quite excited to share.

As you all know, my little guy, Teddy, was born in March of 2010. He was a week late and pretty much that entire week, my husband and I made a concerted effort to eat at our most favorite restaurants while we still could (though, we’ve continued to go out, either with child in tow or with sitter). At the time, we had no idea the meal at Lula Cafe would be the night before Teddy was born. It was an incredible meal and evening.

First of all, Lula Cafe is one of, if not my absolute favorite restaurants in Chicago, or anywhere. Something about the location, the staff, the food, the atmosphere, the fellow-diners, it is always such a treat of a meal. If our son had been a girl, Lula was on our short list of names. Still is for one-day baby number two. I digress. When we were seated, Bob Dylan’s ‘Bring It All Back Home’ started playing, and it lead into my favorite song, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”. Serendipity. The meal was amazing; we had the beet bruschetta, we split a glass of wine (don’t judge) and I had one of their farm-to-fork nightly specials. Then we split their carrot cake.

My husband and I knew it was a special night, and besides the fact that eight hours after we finished our food I went into labor, every time I go back to Lula, I feel that extra special sentimental tug of when we dined there before Teddy joined us.

So that’s one of my absolute favorite experiences eating and drinking (only half a glass of wine- again, don’t judge!) in Chicago. Now, I invite you to do the same. Share your best nights out by voting for your favorite local spots in the the 2012 Chicago Restaurants and Nightlife Survey (open until 1/16/12). By participating in the survey, you will be eligible for either a free copy of the 2012 Chicago Restaurants and Nightlife Guide or an entry into our $500 “Night On The Town” Sweepstakes.

To read some other bloggers’ favorite nights out, please take a look at the Zagat Chicago Blog Hop!


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