The Comings and Goings of The Chicago Foodie

18 May

The weather should be getting better, one of these days, and with that comes the much coveted, highly anticipated grilling season in Chicago. No other city I’ve ever been to comes as alive as Chicago does in the warmer months. And with the warm weather, comes a type of amnesia that helps us wipe the memory slate clean and forget about the tortourous months of November through February when we question why we live here. In May, we know why. Chicago is the best city in the world.


This spring and summer, I’m excited about a few big food projects and events I’ll be hosting. One is a Spanish themed dinner party with friends. On the menu will be lamb burgers with a mint aioli, portabello mushroom burgers (for our veggie friends) a seafood paella, bacon wrapped dates, garlic shrimp and of course Sangria. But, this won’t be any old Sangria. We’re going to have a white and red Sangria bar where people can garnish their drinks with their favorite fruit selections and pour to their hearts content.


The next event on the books is a New England Clambake. With strong east coast ties and family, we’re going to bring this long-time loved tradition to our fair Midwest city. On the menu will be a clambake with Little Neck clams, Mussels, Lobster, chorizo, corn and potatoes cooked in a white wine, butter, garlic broth. Heaven!


The last event on the books, right now, is the Social Media Potluck in July. This is going to be a fun event because not only will it feature delicious fare (thanks to sponsors such as Homemade Pizza Co., Hart Davis Hart wines and others) but because the people attending are smart! And interesting! And I’m pretty sure everyone there will not only have a full belly, but a full brain. Sorry, the image of a full brain is a little gross, but you know what I mean.


So those are the big things coming up this summer. As I previously mentioned, tomorrow I’m off to Hotlanta (it’s going to be in the high 80s and sunny!) for the BlogHer Food ’11 conference. Can’t wait! That will definitely generate a post or two after mingling with some of the best food bloggers out there. So excited!


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