Date night: LM in Lincoln Square

10 Jan

This weekend we had a wonderful dinner with friends at LM in Lincoln Square. It was one of those rare nights out, without the baby, and we took full advantage.

LM Bistro

LM Bistro

LM is a small restaurant, but they’re able to get a lot of tables and easily accommodated our larger group. It’s like Mary Popins carpet bag- fits a lot more than you’d think.
We started with cocktails and I was disappointed to find out they weren’t equipped to make my bourbon Old Fashioned. Seemed a little strange that a bar would be left without oranges, but my second choice Manhattan quickly erased any disappointment.

They offer a prix fix menu, even on weekends, and a few people from our party took advantage. I, on the other hand, was hankering for a steak, so stuck to the menu.

I ordered the Arugula salad which came with aged goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts. The salad was nice, but could have used a little more flavor. The aged goat cheese was nice but there wasn’t enough and the hazelnuts weren’t toasted enough so that their sweet flavors really came through.
My Hangar steak was incredibly well seasoned and the peeled Brussel sprouts and potatoes were amazing. Unfortunately, I did not love the cut of meat itself. Having worked for one of the world’s leaders of fine-dining steakhouses, I know what a good steak is. Mainly, a good steak is prime. The fat melts right it and you can cut if with a spoon. This was definitely not a prime piece of meat. It was pretty chewy and not enough marbling.

That being said, given what they had to work with, it was still a tasty entrée.

For dessert, I ordered my staple cheese tray. It came with a soft Brie, a Manchego and another type of cheese, of which I’ll never know because they didn’t explain what cheeses were included. They also only provided four walnuts, which seemed pretty stingy and instead of crackers or wafers, the tray was accompanied with bread. Pretty cumbersome.

Now, despite some of these flaws, the meal experience was wonderful. The company was terrific, the cocktails were delicious and we had a really nice night out with the baby at home with a sitter. A sitter, who by the way, baked macaroons while we were gone, and were much better than the desserts at LM.

I will go back to LM, but will be more guarded by what I order next time.

Address 4539 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60640
Phone 773. 942. 7585


One Response to “Date night: LM in Lincoln Square”

  1. Krista from January 25, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    I need to spend more time in Lincoln Square. But it sounds like this place might not be worth the trip? Especially re: your comments about the steak?

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