Provenance: Keeping us classy at home

7 Jan


Provenance Chicago

I’m not going to lie. In the old days, going out to dinner was part of our routine. It was an expectation. A constant to look forward to.

These days, not so much.

But, that doesn’t mean we have to give up delicious things as a result. Instead of going out for these acquisitions, we’re now bringing them home. Rather than enjoying a plated cheese platter with wine at Fiddlehead, we bring the fromage and vino to the living room.

A major aid in our efforts to do this is the amazing Provenance. Locale less than 40 steps from where I get off the train every night, Tracy, the owner, has become a familiar and friendly face as I stock up on delicious bottles and stinky cheeses.

Tracy does an amazing job of rotating in great bottles usually all under $14. On any given day she’ll have about 6-7 whites and the same amount of reds. On her back wall, she’ll have a few more options, but those are the fancy bottles, priced upwards of $25-40.

But they don’t just have wine. They also carry small batch, specialty brews that my husband loves. Whether it’s a bottle of Goose Island’s Matilda or Éphémère, he’s equally happy with their options.

There are also local made treats from B True Bakery, Sarah’s Candies and Vosges. Need some Truffle salt? They usually have at least four options. Grape seed oil? Yep. Red Hen Bakery baguette? You know it. Basically, they keep us civilized even when we’re enjoying happy hour in our living room.

B True Bakery

Provenance has two locations, one in Lincoln Square and another in Logan Square.


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