Truffle Butter Peach Pie… yes, I said TRUFFLE BUTTER!

10 Jul

4th of July BBQThis 4th of July was a lot of fun. We had some dear friends over for an impromptu potluck BBQ and it turned into a lovely evening. It’s nice being able to live in the heart of the city and have a great backyard and porch. We definitely take advantage of our outdoor living area during the few *ahem* days, weeks, months (depending on how cooperative summer is) it’s nice out.

As I mentioned in my previous post, in addition to providing the main BBQ essentials (sausages!), we also put together a delicious walnut and Greek yogurt pesto pasta salad. BUT- it wouldn’t be a proper BBQ wPie Prepith out the sweet stuff, yep, I’m talking about dessert.

We bought some ripe peaches at Trade Joe’s so it was obvious whatever kind of dessert I was going to whip together, peaches would be instrumental. I went back and forth between a cobbler and pie, but decided cobbler is a little more comfort while pie is all-American and it was the 4th after all.

So- I may be able to cook, but I never claim to be a baker. I have no qualms with buying pre-made pie crusts. Like everything else, it’s much better when it’s homemade, but in this case I didn’t feel it was worth the time or energy (especially since, as I said, I’m not a good baker) to get the ready-to-go stuff.

I sliced 6 peaches and put them into a bowl. I mixed in 2/3 cups of sugar and squeezed one lemon’s worth of juice. I also added about four tablespoons of butter (just for good measure). Mixed it together and it was a great consistency and the flavor was sweet (I did add about a teaspoon of salt to off balance the sugar). Then I added about 1 teaspoon of truffle oil. It really gave a nice essence without overpowering the other flavors.

Then I added the mixture into the pie tin (with the crust already rolled out) and made sure it was loaded all the way to the top since it would shrink down a bit while cooking. I used the other pie crust and cut it in strips to create a lattice top.

Finished PieInstead of a regular egg wash, I melted 2 tablespoons of butter, added 1/2 lemon’s worth of juice and 2 teaspoons of truffle oil. I mixed together and then brushed on the top of the crust.

It cooked at 375 degrees for about 45 minutes (longer than I expected) and it was WONDERFUL. Honestly, not in an attempt to toot my own horn, but the flavors of the peaches, the lemon juice and then truffles were a flavor marriage made in heaven.

Since I rarely follow recipes to a tee, this is as close as one gets for me, but email me if you’d like more specifics to make this pie at home


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